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In a land where knights tremble at the mere rustling of leaves and goblins are more interested in recruiting members for their upcoming poetry slam than terrorizing villages, comes a tale that turns high fantasy on its pointy-eared head.

Meet Hjalmar: towering knight, living legend, and—though he'll die before he admits it—terrified imposter cowering within a suit of shiny armor. Marvel at the sheer misfortune of Artie, a protagonist so rash that he managed to pick a fight with the cruelest, most sadistic prince ever to have lived. If he's very lucky, he might just survive long enough to make it to his own execution. And beware their ruthless pursuers on the high seas (who would probably prefer a moment of quiet romance, if we're being honest).

With a narrative so engaging you'll wonder if the author accidentally stumbled into the wrong genre, this masterful parody hikes unperturbed through a forest of fantasy tropes, leaving a trail of laughter and utter bewilderment in its wake. Let the author guide you through this riotous adventure with wit, wisdom and a sly wink, occasionally pausing to sidestep his horrified editor who is desperately trying to rein in the chaos!

Prepare for a quest like no other - and a hero like none at all...

Fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Chronicles, Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the Dungeons & Dragons TTRPG will find themselves fighting through tears of laughter as they relive the fantasy tropes of their glory days.

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