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Stranger in a Homeland

Stranger in a Homeland chronicles one (woefully unqualified) American's experience living and working in Japan. Through his misadventures—and dozens of high-quality photographs—you can:​

  • Immerse yourself in Japan's rich, vibrant, and often baffling culture

  • Delve into the island nation's storied history

  • Gain valuable insight into the wonder and struggles of a life begun anew

Kyle McCormick's debut memoir combines humor, culture, and history into one nonstop adventure. It has been met with critical acclaim, and is the #1 Best Seller in Travel Humor on Amazon.

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Kyle is an author and educator from Michigan. He currently lives in Nagoya, Japan, where he spends his days teaching English, exploring the country, and being confounded by his inability to order a pizza without mayonnaise.